GT Graduate Leadership Program

The Georgia Tech Graduate Leadership Program (GT GLP) helps graduate students realize their leadership potential by facilitating their journey of developing core leadership skills that complement their scientific training. The central ideas explored in the Georgia Tech Graduate Leadership Program are:

  • Self-awareness
  • The desire to serve as motivation for leadership
  • Values-based leadership
  • The power and possibility of one individual as an agent for positive change

The inaugural GT GLP was launched in August 2009. The program consists of an off-campus weekend retreat held at Callaway Gardensdesigned to initiate self-awareness. Other activities build community and assist participants in developing their personal and group leadership action plans. Several mentored meetings follow the retreat to more thoroughly explore the core ideas and principles.These sessions involve dialogue anchored by invited speakers, reading and discussing transformative books, and other exercises.  During the first year, graduate students in the Interdisciplinary Bioengineering graduate program and the Georgia Tech/Emory Biomedical Engineering graduate program were targeted for participation.  The application processes consisted of the students writing an essay to make the case for their selection to the program and nomination letters written by the students’ thesis advisors.  In the inaugural year, 26 high-quality applicationswere received for 15 available slots.  In the second year, the applicant pool was expanded to include students from other schools/departments at Georgia Tech.

To our knowledge,this is the first program of its kind designed specifically for graduate students in engineering. GTGLP is an expression of Georgia Tech’s desire to innovate in engineering education and produce leaders who are not only excellent scientists, but also are self aware, confident, and affirmatively choose to be agents of positive change.

GTGLP was originally conceived by as a part of a successful NIH training grant application. It has been developed by Drs. Temenoff and Bellamkonda (BME) in close collaboration with Prof. Terry C. Blum, Director of the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship and former Dean of GT Scheller College of Business. Other participating faculty are Mike Davis (BME), Robert Thomas (ILE), and Kathleen Kurre (ILE). GTGLP acknowledges strong support from the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering, the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and the CTEng and GTBioMAT NIH T32 training grants.